Industria Uncovered in Melbourne

It’s been a big week in Melbourne. It is our annual Paper Arts show & there have been events & creative times through out the week. I caught up with Paper Traders Greta (Melb) & Wendy from NZ. We have been visited by the famous Julie Van Oosten & we have had a session on her new Collections(TM) ‘INDUSTRIA’. I also did the first of my ‘specimen’ series, which I gifted to Julie as a thankyou to her for her inspiration.
The ATC on the top left hand corner is the one made from the class kit (with excellent instructions from Kelsey…..well done K) the ATC on the right, ‘Industria Fashion’ & Industria ‘Switching & Control’ (the lower hinged ATC – shown closed in the next pic) were my creative interpretations of the theme. In the workshop with Julie, we used silver paint & Tim Holtz Distress Ink to create the aged, industrial look. I used an oxide based black paint & rusting oxide to create my backgrounds on Collections chipboard shapes. Today, I have taken my self off to a second hand technical book shop & found some old engineering & cartography books to play with. No doubt there is more ‘Industria’ to come! Here is Julie explaining ‘Industria’ to us all. Specimen No. 1 was made with an acrylic paint background, incorporating book binding webbing, & gold paint. The drawing was traced with tech pens onto Mica, then attached loosely with eyelets. All of the paper embellishments, I designed in Illustrator for this series. They are printed on ribbedFrench Card stock.

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