Creating, creating, but no results just yet!


I have been working on botanical themes the last couple of days……..continuing to work on my goal of creating some of my own rubber stamps & also creating backgrounds for an inspirational journal page & some ATC’s. Not a great deal to report at this stage……..but I’m working on it…… check out our rolly polly puppies when Ange came to visit at the weekend….

AND of course, there hasn’t been a Princess L pic for a little while (her mum says I can’t post them after she turns one, because she is fearful of her being recognised or targetted by a
not nice person………….sad, but it is the world we live in)
So here she is, still a little ‘teeny weeny’ (about 10lb / 5kg now, at 4 months old); but adorable & so responsive. She loves to coo & kick & play & is an absolute delight. We are only weeks away now from the arrival of her cousin (our second grandie) so we are all getting very excited about that!


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