cARTalog project


These pieces of mixed media collage are created from old library indexing cards. The library cards are from the University of Iowa Libraries’ main card catalog, which was retired in 2004. A small community of library staff—motivated by both nostalgia and library subculture– has come together to give the card catalog cards themselves a rebirth, to celebrate the significance of them in library history. Other libraries have also done the same. The project is titled cARTalog project & involves the recycling of the indexing cards into ‘another life’.
I have titled my creations commencing top left: Town Planning; unaltered manilla card, In Two Minds, Field Notes; A Heart to Create, Cultural Exchange (it was not a requirement, however, I have used the subject of the card as a spring board for my designs)
cARTalog hopes to find as many creative uses as possible for the salvaged card catalog cards and generate a sense of community among those who love the card catalog. Participants include: librarians, artists (sculpture, mail art, book art, calligraphers, photographers)
educators & students (K-12, college, graduate level), musicians, chefs, historians & story tellers

If you are interested in the project, you can read more about it here: I believe that all of the cards have been distributed.

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