Sewing & Playing – Miss Flower Fettish


Yesterday I had a delightful day with my art friend Abby………. sewing. My poor sewing machine (a former best friend) took one chug & said ………. Noooooo……… don’t expect to pull me out of the cupboard after years & me still work! So off it went to be repaired/serviced……..& I was left without a machine for my planned sewing day. I fiddled with some designs for wee little ‘boots’ for Princess L, then Helen to the rescue (thanks ‘sis), I had a loan machine. SO, I commenced on a cot quilt for Princess L & really enjoyed doing that. Abby at some point rescued my fledgling ‘Miss Flower Fettish’ Cabinet Card by doing some of her ledgendary shading on my ‘flower legs’………..and tonight I have finished it off. It was a gorgeous Art Nouveau (my fav. design period) card in soft cream & I wanted to enhance that. I have purposely chosen soft & pearly tones & paints. My mistake was using blue & purple……….I ALWAYS struggle in pink, blue & purple palettes. Anyway, I am happy enough with the result now, there are micro beads, frinkles, jewels & beautiful pearl paper that you can’t pick up on a scan. Read the story………..she really is a woman of mystery……and not all good!!!

Have heard from DH today, and apparently the weather in the country of the red flag is 18 & sunny……….here we were worried he wouldn’t have enough warm clothes. Sorry honey (only 1 tee packed!)…….he had a good sleep between Hong Kong & Moscow & so he hit the ground running.


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