Miss Love Lost


  If you’re like me, the first time that you hear the term ‘Cabinet Card’ you will wonder what one earth Miss_love_lost_back_web_2people are talking about. I must admit although I had seen them as scans, I had not, until I held one in my hand, realized how beautifully detailed they are. The photos themselves, like all vintage photos, invoke a sense of mystery…….who is this, when was it, why were the photo’s taken (an expensive commodity in those days)….trying to place this evidence of history in your hands. The card on the left, I have called ‘They’re playing our Song’. It is my first Cabinet Card, and I guess it is a bit lame………I just had to work my way into vandlising them! The one in the centre is my second attempt, I have called this one Miss Love Lost and have created a story for the back around my card theme & the facial expression in the photo.  I still can’t bring myself to ‘entirely’ betray it’s roots, & have left the embossed photographer’s information showing at the bottom.

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