Somewhere between


Somewhere_between_merge_web I suppose that on my birthday it is appropriate that I post something a little (perhaps alot) self disclosing.  Firstly, the woman in the bikini….that’s about me right now!  Phheh!  Who cares about bikini’s when you are fair skinned & have strawberry blonde hair, burn in the winter sun & have freckles that come out to greet the spring sunshine?  I’d prefer to make art!  This page is a ‘sort of’ life story & the first page of my ‘A Time in my Life’ Journal.  The text reads:

Somewhere between sense & sensibility I found friendship
(logical side of me didn’t want to marry young, I was introduced to my (now) DH by a friend)

between Friendship & Flowers I found love
(he used to bring me flowers EVERYDAY……….. I do still get them every now & then, but not that often)

between Love & Life, I found God
(I became a born again Christian just before we were married in 1980)

between God & My human frailty, I found motherhood
(having come from an abusive & violent home of origin, I didn’t want to have children of my own, however, through the AMAZING GRACE of God, I have 3 beautiful children & now a precious little grand daughter & another littlie to bless our lives at Christmas time)

between Motherhood & Study I found work
(I completed 2 degrees as an adult, moving back into the workforce after 12 years at home with the kids)

between Work & Pleasure I found Florence
(through work experiences, I discovered Florence, & Italy & my world has never been the same!)

between Florence & Rome I found Art
(I have always been creative in some way or another, sewing, stamping, quilting, designing homes & clothes, but it was my first trip to Italy & reading about Michelangelo & the Medici that made me for the first time want to spend more time developing my artwork & investing time into it)

between Art & History I found TIme
(as the children left home one by one, I found that I started to have some time to myself, preparing meals & alot of the household things that used to take up heaps of time, weren’t as pressing, no one needing a school uniform or sports shirt etc.  I found this VERY liberating)

between Time & Middle Age I found dancing…….I love to dance

Like no one is watching

(there is a WHOLE story here……….but in short…) when our son announced he was getting married, DH & I decided that we wanted to be able to dance at the wedding.  It was something that we had wanted to do for years & just hadn’t gotten around to it.  So we took ourselves off to the local dance hall.  Paid a fortune for a year of dance lessons & could hardly dance a step by the end of it.  I DO love to dance, but ONLY when no one is watching!  (I am a bit unco!)


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