A Time in My Life Journal – what’s it all about?


This is the title page for the journal you have seen some pages for. I guess the reason it was born was that I created a little coptic stitched book for a ‘travelling journal’ project on a single theme……..and once it was gone, I missed working in a larger format. (I primarily create ATC’s for those that didn’t know)……… & I decided that I wanted to explore some different themes & materials so this journal is just a page at a time…….what ever happens to inspire me. It represents this ‘Time in My Life’. Once the ‘travelling journal’ project commenced & I started to recieve other artists’ journals, I wanted somewhere to both keep a record of the work that I did for others & to flesh out some of my ideas so, there you have it……….no mystery, just a collection of thoughts. I have travelled back in time recently creating a little scrapbook with Princess L’s first pics……….& I really haven’t enjoyed it at all………….it has been more like just assembling, than creating………….so I definitely think that my scrapbooking days are numbered!! It is more a chore than a pleasure & I only have a limited time for art work anyway, so I NEED it to be fun for me!………….til next time……..ps arting all day with friends tomorrow………….so hopefully will cook up something good.

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