Little time for Art


These are quick compositions, (the only thing I have time for at the moment) that I have pieced together from my ‘desktop box’. This is where I throw little bits ‘n’ pieces of paper off cuts & interesting images I have clipped out of magazines, to add when I am looking for a little extra something for a piece of work. they are on an acrylic paint background, with tearaways & cutouts & 7 gypsies rubbings. 

Although I only have limited time to art at the moment, with a new baby in the house for a week or two, I wanted to keep working on something, just so that I have some ‘me’ time.  I have produced these Studies in Red & Gold. They started out with an acrylic paint base….added a slither of an image (all were made from pieces of the same image), then worked it up with oil pastels, paint, gold leaf & rub ons. They have a shiny finish from the oil pastel fixative.


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