Magpie Post


  Bush_moon_webThought for today: ‘YA_river_runs_through_it_webou gain strength, courage & confidence from every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face.’ Eleanor Roosevelt.  I have always feared drawing….. I love colour, but just don’t seem to be able to draw that well.  Partly it is to do with being slightly left brained creative & visually oriented.  If it doesn’t look realistic, for me, it isn’t good enough……….. however, I look at some of what other people do, (which may have misshapen limbs or misplaced features) & somehow it looks fine….. I just can’t get MY head there to create it!  It just looks all wrong to me.
Bush_fire_webBushlife_webBird_life_webConsequently, I have been really enjoying this creative journey I am on with Sennelier oil pastels at the moment……… these landscapes are almost making themselves!!! LOL!!!  The pastels are so creamy & blendable…..the detail is blurred & I_love_our_sunburnt_country_webimpressioned…. The_rabbit_proof_fence_webmy fingers, (my fav. art tools…… applicators I call them!) are disgusting!!!  I am not mad keen on Australiana in general, however, I was inspired by a recent art catalogue and came up with these. I have used paper, golden paints, oil pastels & wax crayons.This new Magpie Post series is becoming prolific………. I think I am up to about 13……if anyone would like to swap……….LMK


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