Saints & Babies


WOW….what can I say? It was a surreal experience watching little Ellie on a scan and at the same time watching my daughter’s tummy move as Ellie moved away from the scanning wand. We could see her little face so clearly & one of her hands was clenched up in a fist under her chin (in the thinker’s pose)……….. she is in the appropriate position for being born now, and not as much room to move, (although the doc says she is going to be a ‘little’ bundle.  She was kicking & moving her limbs around. Such an amazing experience……….when I started this blog………. it was to mostly share about my art, but I think it will only be babies for a little while. It is even influencing my art…….. I have recently completed a series of 9 ATC’s based on the 9 months & 3 trimesters of pregnancy. The other work I have done is a series of ATC’s called The Saints we can’t live without. It’s a silly, nonsensical look at Patron Saints (no offense intended to anyone) using Collections new kraft board arches.

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